Are Dividends The Only Way To Make Money On Robinhood?

No, it is not. You can buy stocks lower and sell them when the price goes up. That will be capital gain. You can sell or buy options on Robinhood and make money. You can day trade too, but I believe your portfolio value has to be more than $25,000. And of course, when companies pay out dividends, for holding the respective stock, you get the dividend too.

Payout Ratio That is Healthy

It depends, a matured company that is not growing as much will have a higher payout ratio. But, a company that is growing, will have a low payout ratio. And any company that has a high return on equity, you want that company to keep the money instead of paying dividends and compound that money to grow your capital.

How To Invest On Your Own?

While the economy remains on a ventilator, we will still need a few companies. Many people will lose their job. So, they will spend less money. Like, they will probably not visit restaurants so often, or buy a car anytime soon. But they will still consume data on their phone, or watch movies on Netflix. They will keep gas or electric running. They will make trips to the grocery stores for grocery stores, Walmart or Costco. You need to find these companies, and invest in those with a zero-commission brokerage account like Robinhood.