ALgo Review: I sold My Car in 4 Days

I decided in 2020 September that I would come back from USA in December. I am writing this post from outside of USA. As you can see the post date, I already left the US. Anyway, you do not need to worry about that. But before returning to India, I had to sell my car. I thought, I would keep my car until last day. Because I had to get RT PCR test done 72hrs prior to boarding flight. Anyway, point is, we all know how important a vehicle is in the USA. Anyway, you will get Algo Review and not my RT-PCR test result details on this post, so, rest assured.

But in 2nd week of November, I decided to sell the car and rent another car from the airport. So, I could return the car and catch my flight, before that I could do everything else too.

Now, given I had 2 weeks to sell my car, I could post ads on Sulekha, Facebook and Craigslist. And then do the whole drill of showing the car to prospective buyers ( given that there were people interested in my car) and then wait for them to buy it. I did not want to do that. Because I knew dealerships will pay me KBB value. My car was in pretty good shape. Although selling car to a private individual might fetch another 2k. But I did not want the hassle.

So, How To Sell Your Car Fast? First this I did was, get a Quote from Kelly Blue Book. And then finally request dealerships to contact you. But, KBB offered me the lowest possible price, as you can imagine the dealerships were quick to reach out and then follow up occasionally. In case you do not know, KBB gives you a possible price band based on the information you provide. The lower band is applicable if you sell to dealerships and the upper band is for private party.

Is KBB Only Option To Sell Car Fast? No, there are many more online places now to check your cars worth. I checked in CarVana, CarMax, Vroom,AutoLendersGo. Shift, WeBuyAnyCars.

As you can see, I got an offer from all of them. And it was preliminary helpful. Because you get an idea, how much your car is worth. Now, take the highest quote and negotiate with other buyers. Like, Vroom offered me $6500, and ALGO was following up with me, so, I told them that Vroom is offering me $6500, and I would go with them. Hence the Algo review, because I sold my car to them.

The person from ALGO informed that, they can match the offer, they just needed to check the car. It was Sunday, so we set up a Facetime call for Monday morning. But, notice the mistake I made, I already settled for $6500. You should not repeat the mistake.

Monday, we had a 10 minutes call, they checked the miles on car and there is no check engine light and so on. Seats and interiors, engine under hood and the trunk, those were fairly simple checks.

They were happy with what they saw. My car was in good condition. It was a 2011 Sonata with around 56K miles on it. Anyway, After that I had to digitally sign few documents and next morning I sent my title to them. It was Tuesday. I could have send that out on Monday itself. Anyway, they recieved it on Wednesday, and processed my check. A person came to me on Thursday with the check, and he took my car. It was that simple. The person who collects the car, takes picture and stuff to show, what he is receiving. And I had to approve that.

Do you need to Wash Your Car Before Selling to ALGO? I guess no, they were not at all worried about minor scratches, or miles on tires or dust etc.

Do I have to Pay Tax on The Amount I received from Them?

No, I do not have to.

ALgo Review: How Soon the Whole Process Would be Completed?

I believe We could complete it in 3 days.

Why Did I choose ALGO Over Vroom?

Vroom might reduce the amount after inspection after taking the car. I chose Algo to avoid such situation. ALGO inspected my car first then handed me the check. And it is Algo review, I would suggest that you look up some posts about Vroom too.