Why Share Price Drops After Buyback?

Why Share Price Drops

Recently, Rites brought buyback offer, and I sold some of my shares in buyback. But Rites stocks did not actually drop after buyback, the price increased, which was expected, due to anticipated increase in EPS and liquidity flow. But at time stock price drops right after buyback, especially when the buyback price offered is more…

Will Employees In India Be Allowed to Work From Home After Pandemic?

Work From Home After Pandemic

In the last 6 months, most of the IT guys got the taste of my work environment, I say that because we all have been working from home lately. I actually prefer to work from home. It saves commute time. Helps me concentrate, without distractions. But it is easier for me to say because I…

Why the Submit With DCS and Submit With EVC buttons Disabled?

Submit With DCS and Submit With EVC buttons Disabled

Today, for the second time I was trying to complete the online GST (India / gst.gov.in) form. And after completing the form, I got stuck at the last page for the second time. Last time I got stuck at verification page as none of the Submit with EVC or Submit with DCS buttons were enabled….

What is Networking Moat for a Business?

networking moat

Different businesses come with different moats. Some have brands, some have patents, some have toll roads like a moat, and another type of moat is the network effect. This is still a mystery to me. But, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc social networking companies do have a networking moat.I will try to give you some…

Is India Entering The Eye of Economic Storm?

While the COVID Pandemic has broken every country’s back, India’s economy was breaking down post-2015 November demonetization. The GST rollout was another blow to small businesses. While the stock market celebrated GST because they anticipated that the unorganized sector will be sucked out dry by the organized sector, everyone forgot that the unorganized sector is…

Why The Strong Stock Market is Justified

Strong Stock Market

On March 22, 2020, we witnessed the bottom in stock market. At least in India and USA. I do not track other markets closely enough to comment on them. While the economy in India is barely walking at best, why is the stock market running? Isn’t stock market supposed to reflect economy? What does the…