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As with any real estate transaction, location is more important than any other single factor. The best vacation properties have something unique to offer, such as a view of the ocean, mountain ranges, or a dock on a lake. Living in the mountains can be a lot of fun. While some people choose to live on a mountain as their primary residence, many others use them as vacation homes. If you are considering purchasing a property in the ranges, you may be in luck because India has some of the most picturesque hill stations where you can purchase a vacation home.

The following are the top hill stations in the country where you can buy a mountain home:

1.) Lonavla

 Lonavla is a scenic beauty, with wonderful weather, hangout spots, ancient caves, and historical monuments located between Mumbai and Pune. It is a popular weekend and second home location. With increasing population and economic activity in the Navi Mumbai and Pune areas Lonavla is also developing as a residential real estate market, both in terms of investment and end use. The Navi Mumbai Airport will be extremely well connected. Lonavla is also a hub for corporate training centers and has good boarding schools. It is also a popular choice for senior citizens’ living quarters and spiritual retreats. In the long run, Lonavla is one of the best places to invest for high rental yields and capital gains.

2.) Coimbatore

Coimbatore is located in Chennai and is known as the “Manchester of South India.” It has become a popular choice for second homes or vacation homes over the years. People in their retirement years have been drawn to Coimbatore because of its low population density, pleasant weather, low cost of living, and easy access to nearby hill stations for weekend getaways. The city is experiencing a significant housing boom, with over 3000 apartments expected to be completed in the next three years.

3.) Nainital

Nainital’s surrounding areas, such as Bhowali, Sataal, Bhimtal, Ramgarh, Mukteshwar, and others, have seen the launch of several projects by developers, both large and small. This is because, while Nainital is nearby, these locations are well connected by road and rail. Add to that the scenic beauty that can still be enjoyed in comparison to Nainital, which has been transformed into an absolute concrete jungle and is crawling with thousands of tourists during peak tourist season.

4.) Ooty

Bollywood actors, politicians, NRIs, and sports celebrities all visit Ooty for recreation and to settle down. Ooty is well-known for its healthy living, low pollution, vast greenery, fresh vegetables, and fruits. The weather is spectacular here. Ooty is also a good place for your children’s education because it is surrounded by many well-known schools. The crime rate is also very low, and the people are very humble and friendly, making it an ideal place to live. As an investment, Ooty offers numerous benefits and incentives, including high rental yields, low acquisition costs, and high capital gains as property prices rise in the near future due to government initiatives.

5.) Dehradun

Dehradun is the world’s widest valley, surrounded by the Shivalik hills and the Himalayan mountain range. Owning a home in Dehradun allows you to wake up to the breathtaking scenery of snow-capped mountains and lush green hills. The holiday homes in Dehradun, located 230 kilometers north of Delhi, offer high rental yields. Because of its proximity to Delhi and the NCR cities, it is positioned as an investment destination where one can own a home at a much lower cost than in Delhi or Gurgaon. Around 70% of Dehradun’s home buyers are from outside the city, taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase a 2-3 BHK apartment for Rs 20 to 50 lakh.

Best Luxury homes to rent outside Mumbai

After spending nearly half of the year inside your four walls, it’s only natural that you’d like to get away for a few days. So, if you follow all of the rules and regulations, it is not a bad idea to take your family or friends on a quick getaway. While avoiding public transportation and crowded areas, a drive in your personal car to one of Mumbai’s many serene destinations may be just what you’re looking for.

1.) Art village karjat

Art Village is a one-of-a-kind destination that can accommodate up to 24 people in six beautifully furnished bedrooms. It is ideal for hosting a getaway for all of your friends. It is a space made entirely of mud, rammed earth, recycled wood, and thatch that guarantees a truly artsy experience. While the cottage does not have air conditioning or television and believes in keeping you as close to nature as possible, guests can participate in pottery and other earthy activities that will make your stay truly memorable.

2.) Arowana woods

Nothing beats the Arowana Woods’ combination of a luxurious villa and a sparkling open-air pool. With its immeasurable services and soothing surroundings, this stay is one of the best stays near Mumbai that provides seclusion, as well as one of the best villas with private pools near Mumbai. Here, you can surrender to nature while also taking advantage of the modern amenities available. The villas have three bedrooms with stylish interiors and French window panes that provide views of the surrounding nature.

Pawana Dam is located in Amarja Hills, Taluka Maval, Dhalewadi, Maharashtra 410406.


-Wi-Fi access

-Power supply backup

-Collection service

-Kids’ play area

-Assistance with luggage



-Pool for swimming

3.) Santorini, Alibaug

A themed holiday home is almost always a great getaway destination, and this Greek town-themed house is both picturesque and spacious for your getaway. Santorini has six bedrooms that can accommodate up to 16 guests, a private pool, and in-house services such as food.

4.) U Tropicana

 The U Tropicana, one of the best villas near Mumbai with a pool, is known for its highest levels of luxuries and comfort. It is nestled among tropical gardens and is close to Kihim Beach and Kolaba Fort. You can make the most of your time here by swimming in the pool or simply sitting back and admiring the lush green lawns.


-Nonsmoking property


-Unlimited free parking

-Unlimited internet access



-Comfortable accommodations

-The front desk

-Restaurant service

-The swimming pool.

5.) Sparsh Villa Alibaug

This villa is a four-bedroom fully air-conditioned space that could be ideal for a quick weekend getaway for you and your family. Sparsh Villa in Alibaug has a private swimming pool and four bedrooms with separate balconies that provide privacy and a good view.

The best places to have a holiday home

Everyone wishes to own a beautiful home in the midst of nature – a vacation home where they can spend quality time with their families! Consider visiting the home once or twice a year and taking a stroll down foggy mountain roads or waking up to a beautiful sunny landscape greeting you at your beachside house! However, before purchasing a vacation home, consider whether it would be a good investment or simply an addition to your lifestyle. The logic behind purchasing a vacation home may be rooted in the Indian belief that you should purchase two homes because the second will provide what the first Cannot.

1.) Kasauli

Kasauli is located near the Queen of Hills, Shimla, and is only an hour away from Chandigarh. Kasauli is a popular destination for hill station enthusiasts and a great holiday home for North Indians. Kasauli has evolved as a new Luxury real estate market in India over the last ten years, with top brand projects such as Tata Mys and DLF Samaya. Kasauli is no longer just about hills and scenic beauty; it is also about sheer luxury high-end villas and apartments with top-class furnishing and fixtures. Kasauli has the highest average room night in the North and attracts visitors from all over North and East India. As a result, it is one of the best places to invest your hard-earned money in order to make money while you sleep.

2.) Yercaud

 Yercuad is not a new tourist destination for Indians. The hill station in Tamil Nadu’s Shevaroys range of hills of the Eastern Ghats attracts a large number of tourists each year due to its scenic beauty and cool climes. Meanwhile, Yercaud, as a leading real estate market, is a latecomer. While Ooty was on the verge of becoming a premier destination for home buyers just a decade ago, Yercaud was content with welcoming tourists who stayed in budget hotels and heritage properties meant for the relatively luxury-conscious traveler. Having said that, Yercuad, once known as the Poor Man’s Ooty, has seen a significant improvement in its real estate value.

3.) Gokarna

Gokarna in Karnataka is a small tourist town known for its beaches such as Om Beach, Kudle Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach. It also has a number of religious sites, including the Mahabaleshwar, Maha Ganapathi, Uma Maheshwara, and Bhadrakali temples. The affordability and proximity to Bangalore, Chennai, and Goa are the highlights of this destination. SwaSwara, Gokarna Forest Resort, Om Beach Ayurvedic Resort, and Namaste Holiday Homes are among the most popular resorts in Gokarna.

4.) Rishikesh

It’s no longer just a pilgrimage destination. It is quickly becoming a popular weekend destination for Delhiites and North Indians. Its location on the Himalayan foothills and beautiful scenery make it an excellent second home destination in India. Pleasant weather, adventure sports, pilgrims, and spiritual centers draw visitors from all over the world. The real estate market in this area is already developed, and many large developers from Delhi and Chandigarh entered the market early to capitalize on the opportunity. Rishikesh provides a good rental income for BNB homes due to the scarcity of hotel accommodations. The acquisition cost is also low, so you can expect good capital returns in the long run.

5.) Khandala

Because of its scenic beauty, waterfalls, and pristine climate, Khandala on the Mumbai-Pune expressway is a popular holiday destination, particularly for residents of Mumbai and Pune. It is only 3 kilometers from Lonavala and is easily accessible from the Mumbai-Pune highway, making it an ideal location for buying a vacation home. Owning a home in the beautiful serene mountains will enhance your lifestyle and add a touch of luxury to it.


What are India’s most popular destinations?

Tripvillas has approximately 3262 vacation rentals in INDIA. Maharashtra (686 vacation rentals), Kerala (630 vacation rentals), Karnataka (378 vacation rentals), Goa (300 vacation rentals), Himachal Pradesh (245 vacation rentals), Rajasthan (213 vacation rentals), Uttarakhand (186 vacation rentals), Tamil Nadu (175 vacation rentals), Delhi (103 vacation rentals), and West Bengal are among the most popular destinations (54 vacation rentals).

How do I reserve a vacation home in eSampada?

All Holiday Home and TOH bookings and payments are handled online via the eSampada website and mobile app. Bookings are made on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, subject to eligibility requirements, time limits, and payment of booking fees, among other things.

What exactly is the concept of holiday homes?

A holiday home is a home that people own to spend their vacations in and is located in a different location than their primary residence.


Spending your free time with your loved ones in a cool serene environment can be quite relaxing and appealing. To enjoy this, you’ll have to make an informed decision on the type of holiday home you want to spend your vacation in.

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