Buy vacation homes in India

The real estate industry has changed over the previous years. Many tend to buy larger homes, home offices are built into the plans, and workcations are the new normal. Another popular trend is for people to purchase vacation houses.

While the concept of a second home is not new, it is now being purchased in India’s smaller towns with the intention of remaining and working for longer periods of time.

Available vacation homes in India at low prices

Few Indians, unlike Europeans and Americans, take extended, peaceful vacations. However, the tradition of taking at least a month-long vacation is catching on in India. As a result, the demand for vacation homes has increased, as other vacation locations in India can be quite costly.

Here are several homes away from home if you want to experience vacationing in South India.

1.) Get Customized Quotes Image Source: Estate Residency in Munnar Homestays in South India

The estate residence, owned by Firosh Philip and his wife Sheeba, is one of Munnar’s most picture-perfect homestays, surrounded by lush flora and hills. The property has an amazing panoramic view of the Sahyadri mountain ranges, which are surrounded by tea and coffee plantations.

Take a walk around the homestay and take in the hazy atmosphere. Estate Residency is the ideal hotel for you in Munnars calm surroundings!

Special features include a campfire, a play area, an in-house excursion, and a visit to the cardamom, pepper, coffee, vanilla, and cocoa plantation.

2.) Homestay in Tirupati

Tirupati Home Stay is an excellent choice for those planning weddings and other celebrations in Seemandhra’s holy city of Tirupati. A garden swing, lawns, and seats are included in the cottage-style home, allowing you to enjoy nice home life. Luxurious furniture and a large dining hall that can accommodate a large family gives the homestay a resort-like feel. It’s close to Tiruchanoor Ammavari Temple, Tirumala, Kanipakkam, Srikalahasti, Chandragiri Fort, and Sriharikota, among other spiritual and historic site.

For four people, it costs roughly Rs 4,000 every night.

3.) Pepper Country in Thekkady

Pepper Country is one of the nicest homestays in Thekaddy, with all the contemporary conveniences, tucked away amid a lush green plantation of spice, coffee, pepper, and cardamom. TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence was also awarded to the guesthouse in the Idukki district.

Mr. Cyriac, the host, is a nice individual who looks after his visitors and frequently engages them in engaging talks. The homestay, which overlooks a verdant forest, is especially known for its wonderful meals.

Special features include private balconies, WIFI, and a rooftop terrace.

4.) Chennai’s Pattinathar Sweet Homes

The Pattinathar Sweet Homes serviced apartments were among the city’s first to provide holiday homestays. Its guests can enjoy condominium-style accommodations with very modern and beautiful furnishings.

Pools, a gym, private parking, and a WIFI hotspot are among the amenities available.

It contains a beautifully built children’s play area that is comparable to a public garden for their enjoyment. There is also a food service for individuals who do not want to cook.

For seven nights, a three-bedroom flat will set you back Rs 42,000.

Coolest vacation homes you can Rent in India

We’ve found the greatest residence to rent in India, ranging from beaches to deserts, historical to contemporary architecture. They’re also not average homes. A mud house, a shipping container house, and a tree house are among them. Your holiday will undoubtedly be unforgettable!

1.Mussorie’s Heritage Clock Tower Mussoorie’s Heritage House 

The heritage guesthouse, which overlooks a beautiful vista of the hills, is the place to stay on your next trip to Mussoorie. The cozy atmosphere is created by the wooden walls and furnishings, as well as the golden lighting. Panda Hill, Gunda Hill, and the Christ Church are all conveniently accessible from this location.

Where: Mussoorie’s Oak Bush Garden

2.) Hamari Haveli, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

This property, which was recently refurbished by Frenchman and two locals, has been tastefully furnished with Rajasthani arts and crafts that reflect the region’s culture. It is located at the base of the Jaisalmer fort, about a 10-minute walk from the entrance. A few minutes’ walks away is Salim Singh Ki Haveli, one of Jaisalmer’s most famous Havelis built by a previous prime minister.


Two bedrooms

3.) Luxury Farmstay, Lonavala

This luxurious farm stay will meet the needs of everyone in your group if you are traveling with your family. With a big estate filled with amenities such as playgrounds, swimming pools, and cottages for a private escape, you’ll never be bored. On a bright day, take a walk through the park paths to soothe your anxiety.

Thombrewadi, Lonavala is the location.

4.) Shikar Oudi, near Udaipur, Rajasthan

Shikar Oudi is part of a 150-acre estate awarded to the owner’s forefathers for guiding the Mewars of Udaipur to victory in a war against the Mughals. It has been transformed into a luxurious retreat for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. The property is located approximately an hour east of Udaipur and overlooks a private lake. Jungle treks, wildlife observation, kayaking, fishing, tree planting, and visits to local village communities are all possibilities.

Two bedrooms

The full residence costs 17,000 rupees ($375) per night. For only two visitors, the rate is lower. Breakfast is complimentary.

Benefits of renting out vacation homes

As more people learn about this fantastic alternative to resorts and hotels, the Indian market is also growing in terms of numbers and appeal. The growing trend of renting out vacation houses rather than staying in a posh hotel has transformed the way India’s hospitality industry operates. It has made individuals realize the value of owning and keeping a home. Some of the benefits of renting out vacation homes include;

1.) Easy customization

Unlike hotels, which have rigid restrictions about their rooms, vacation homes give you the freedom to choose your needs and customize your stay to meet them. Whether you want a pet-friendly villa or not, whether you want a private pool or a cook on call, and so on. You have complete control over how your holiday is carried out.

2.) Value of your home increases with time.

You may expect the market value of your vacation rental to rise over time, just like any other good real estate investment and when you decide to sell, you’ll almost certainly make more money than the previous owners did when you bought it.

3.) Preparation for retirement

Buying a vacation home with the goal of retiring there and selling your existing home can save you a lot of money. How? Before it even becomes your primary residence, you’ll start reducing your mortgage burden. After you retire, the profit from your old home can be used to pay down your vacation home’s current mortgage.

4.) No schedules are needed

A hotel has specific timetables that must be adhered to. For example, you must go to breakfast within a particular window, limiting your ability to plan your day. As you might expect, a holiday rent has no timetables other than the ones you create for your days in the city. You decide when to get up,eat, and return home, among other things.

5.) There’s enough room for everyone

Vacation houses are typically huge and roomy, which is a bonus for individuals wanting space and accommodations for a large group.


What is a vacation home called?

A vacation home, also known as a recreational or secondary property, is usually located somewhere other than the owner’s principal abode. Many owners rent out their vacation homes while they are not using them because they are only used at specific times of the year.

Does Airbnb operate in India?

Airbnb has been around for a decade and has grown in popularity as a hotel alternative around the world, but Indian homeowners have only just begun to embrace the concept. The platform claims to have over 30,000 listings across India as of 2018.

What is a vacation villa?

The Ritz Carlton meets home in vacation cottages. It’s like staying at a friend’s house, but with your own personal crew. Source: Travelers looking for upmarket lodging options overseas frequently find themselves in a predicament when it comes to getting luxury accommodations


There are many vacation homes in India to choose from. Choosing the right home that suits your specifications may be your own choice.

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