Can you do business in an Apartment in India?

Working from home or starting your own business home has grown in popularity in recent years. Many people can earn more money for a better lifestyle by working in addition to their jobs or starting their own business. However, the best business ideas emerge from the convergence of passion, skills, planning, and timing. The increased influence of the Internet on all sectors is the reason for the rise in people working from home and starting their own home-based businesses in India. The Internet has changed the trend of work, which was previously limited to 9 to 5 jobs, as people are now freelancing or starting their own businesses with the assistance of the Internet.

1.) Online drop shipping business

There are numerous small business ideas available, and you can earn money from home by completing these projects. Nowadays, most people work from home doing online work; they earn lakhs of rupees solely through online marketing. Most people nowadays prefer to shop through online stores or online shopping websites, so dropshipping is becoming more popular, and you, too, can start a business from home.

2.) Craft Enterprise

This is one of the most common businesses for first-time entrepreneurs. And it’s no surprise: it’s simple to get started and a lot of fun. There are also numerous places where you can sell your crafts! Today, the most obvious place to sell your crafts is online, specifically on marketplace websites like Etsy. You could also create your own website. Art and craft fairs are another excellent places to sell your wares. Don’t overlook the possibility of selling your crafts through existing retail outlets. Retailers are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting crafts to sell. Local retailers can be approached directly at their place of business.

3.) Catering services

If you enjoy cooking, this home-based business may be ideal for you. The only difference is that you’d have to prepare food on a large scale. You may not be able to complete this work on your own because you will require assistance in organizing, marketing, planning, and cooking. As a result, you’d need to hire 1-2 people to help you. This side business thrives when customers refer your food to their friends. If you plan to open it on a medium scale, you will only need a few employees and possibly a commercial kitchen. This business has a high earning potential; all you need to do is maintain your quality.

4.) Open up a stationery shop

As we all know, there is a lot of awareness about education these days, and most boys and girls are going to school and colleges to get an education. You can take advantage of this opportunity by opening a stationery store in your area for a very low investment, and this stationery store can easily run anywhere. Start a stationery shop if you want to make money with a small investment. Nowadays, you can see schools, colleges, or coaching centers everywhere; at such a time, we can open a popular stationery shop. There is a high demand for school or office stationery in today’s world.

5.) Sell Handmade Items

Do you enjoy making things at home? Why not sell your handcrafted products online if you enjoy crafts or art? For instance, you could:

Create candles

Make jewelry

Create works of art

Make your own food.

Create and sew clothing

Knit sweaters and blankets

Make wooden furniture.

Whatever you enjoy making, selling handmade products is an excellent way to turn a hobby into a work-from-home business opportunity. There are two primary methods for beginning to sell handmade products online.

Sell on a marketplace like Etsy.

Make your own online store with a platform such as Shopify.

6.) Service for Web Design

Use your spare room as an office for tech and design savvy entrepreneurs to work on client websites.

7.) Funeral Event Coordinator

An event planner is a popular idea on lists of home-based business ideas, so I wanted to put my own spin on it. This company’s specialty would be funerals. Although it is not the most exciting and joyful industry, such as party event planning, it solves a major problem by allowing grieving people to have their own space. Planning a funeral is the last thing anyone who has lost a loved one or friend wants to do. The majority of the planning can be done from home, eliminating the need for an office.

8.) Home Bakery

Baking can be transformed into a variety of business ideas; you can earn a lot of money by mastering the oven and kneading the dough. It is a simple business idea, and you can bake whatever you want, such as cookies, cake, brownies, and so on. There are many baking experts who have made this passion their bread and butter. You can start this business from home without leaving your day job, depending on your experience and clients.

You would only need an oven, some raw materials, and your ideal recipe. The startup cost is lower, but keep in mind that you may have to deliver the products to the customer’s doorstep; you may need a delivery person for that.

Permissions are needed to run a business from an apartment.

Starting a business in India necessitates a number of permits and licenses to ensure its smooth operation. One of the first steps that startups should never overlook is completing the legal formalities. Otherwise, huge penalties and other legal complications could jeopardize the company’s name and growth. Certain licenses and permissions are required depending on your business. A business that operates without a license may be fined or shut down by government agencies.

1.) General Business License

 A general business license is required for any type of business, including home-based businesses. This is a fundamental license to engage in commercial activity within the municipal government. If your city or country lacks a dedicated business licensing office, your local tax office can provide guidance on obtaining a simple business license.

2.) Learn about labor laws.

Labor laws are a part of every organization, large or small. When your business is recognized as a company that hires people, it is subject to a number of labor laws, regardless of its size. These laws govern critical issues such as minimum wage, gratuity, PF payment, weekly holidays, maternity benefits, sexual harassment, and bonus payment, among others.

3.) Different Types of Business Registration

In India, you can register a Private Limited Company, a Person Company, a Partnership Firm, a Public Limited Company, or an NGO/Trust. A business must be registered under one of the above structures.

4.) Purchase the business insurance of your choice

Business insurance can protect your venture when your venture’s personal liability protections are insufficient. Insurance can protect not only your personal assets but also the assets of your business. Some insurances, such as unemployment and disability insurance, are even mandated by law. It’s also a good idea to get insurance to protect your startup from other potential risks. General liability insurance, product liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and so on are examples of these.

5.) Fire Permits and Safety Registration

Depending on the type of business you intend to run, the local fire department may require an inspection and permit.

6.) Choosing a Business Name

After determining which business structure best suits your needs, you must select a business name that reflects your venture’s ideology and ensure it is not already in use by another entity. You must select an entity name that protects your entity at the state level, a trademark that protects your entity at the national level, and a domain name that gives life to your venture online.

Ways to make money from your apartment?

Property purchases require a significant capital investment, which can be used to meet financial needs. With the changing scenario and expanding opportunities, a property can not only fetch funds during dilution but also generate additional income in a variety of ways.

1.) Blogging

Consider starting a blog if you are particularly interested in writing and creating content. It is one of the most effective ways to supplement your income from home in India. Blogging is not one of those methods for making quick money. Building an audience for your blog takes time, effort, and patience. However, once you’ve found your target audience, you’ll be able to earn enough money to support your family and more.

2.) Students’ Tutoring Lessons

You can become an online tutor if you are a college student or have extensive knowledge in a specific subject. Many students at all levels, from elementary to college, are looking for teachers in English, math, science, and history, as well as music or crafts, and even assistance with competitive exams. Your hourly rate will be determined by your area of expertise and the subject matter you teach. You can either sign up for an online tutoring platform like Udemy or Coursera or simply search for people in your social circles who need tutoring classes on Facebook and WhatsApp.

3.) Organize Events

You might be able to make money holding events if you own acreage or a small farm. It is not necessary to hold large concerts or music festivals to accomplish this (although you can, of course, if you have the right property and the desire to hold such an event.) Many small farmers and landowners profit from agritourism by creating seasonal mazes and labyrinths, offering hayrides, farm tours, and demonstrations, and hosting special event dinners. Outdoor weddings in picturesque rural settings are always popular during the season. If you own agricultural land, check to see what commercial activities are permitted on farmland in your area before you begin operations. Some activities may be restricted, prohibited, or necessitate the acquisition of special permits.

4.) Get Paid to Do Online Tasks

Do you browse the web? Do you want to be compensated for it?

Swagbucks is a website that pays you to complete online tasks such as surveys, watches videos, and use their search engine. When you use their search engine, you get reward points after a certain number of searches, usually between 10-15 points. At 500 points, you can begin cashing out your rewards.

5.) Photoshoot

Open your beautiful garden or exquisite home interiors to media agencies for shoots. Students of media and documentary filmmakers are always on the lookout for such opportunities. The daily rent for such events is typically higher and, in some cases, equals the monthly mortgage payment.

6.) Work as a Freelancer

Freelance work is another popular way to make money from home. If you’re good at writing, programming, editing, designing, or several other skills, then you can look out for businesses that work with freelancers. You can find such connections on portals like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, or Truelancer. While registering on these portals can require a small fee, based on the work you offer, you can quickly find high-paying gigs as a freelancer.


Is it legal to operate a business from a home in India?

Yes. If you intend to conduct commercial activity on a residential property, you must obtain a license under your state’s Shop and Establishment Act. 

Can I run a business from my apartment?

It may be possible to obtain permission from the housing society to carry on a business that does not involve any movement of people or storage of goods within the residence. Nonetheless, starting any kind of business in a residential flat without complete legal clarity is not a good idea.

Which business is the simplest to start?

A service company. A service business is one of the simplest to start, especially as a beginner. A service business is any business in which you sell a service, such as your skill, expertise, or labor.


Your apartment no matter which size can be fully utilized to make you a great fortune. It all depends on your perspective and will to make money from it.

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