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  • Why it is bad idea to buy apartment in top floor?

    A top floor is an apartment on a building’s upper floors. Because buildings in large cities might have up to six floors or more, determining which apartments can be labeled “top floor” can be tricky. When looking for a flat or apartment to buy, you’ll quickly notice that they come in many forms and sizes, […]

  • Where to keep washing machine in 2-bedroom apartment

    Where Should You Keep Your Washing Machine At Home? If you’re like most people, you believe that keeping your washing machine in the laundry room is the best option. After all, it’s the most logical place, right? Wrong! Vastu is an ancient Indian science that deals with the placement of objects in a space to […]

  • Where to hang undergarments in apartment India

    Drying garments in a flat can seem overwhelming; there isn’t a garden with a line, there may be limited sunlight, and there’s a chance of mold forming if there is too much moisture in the air. However, contrary to popular belief, dry garments in a flat is actually rather simple if you have the correct […]

  • Where to keep water filter in an apartment in India

    The water filtration system should be connected to the existing plumbing system. After the home’s main shut-off valve, look for a horizontal run that branches off to other portions of the house. In India, is a water filter required? What exactly is the purpose of having a water purifier at home? Every human being requires […]

  • Real estate license in India, the abc of real estate in India

    The real estate market is no doubt one of the most profitable businesses in India. It is continuously growing, especially in India, where there is high demand. Real estate prices are increasing as we speak, and there is no better time than now to venture into the business. Most of the time, property owners have […]

  • Real estate business in India

    The real estate industry is one of the most well-known in the world. Housing, retail, hospitality, and business are the four sub-sectors. The rise of this industry is nicely complemented by the expansion of the corporate environment, resulting in increased demand for office space and urban and semi-urban lodging. Today, India’s real estate market is […]

  • Real estate broker commission in India, real estate brokerage firms in India

    The payments paid to the property agent when the house is successfully sold are known as real estate commissions. Commission, a percentage of the property’s selling price, is the most common type of payment for real estate consultants. Rather to receiving a monthly income, the majority of agents prefer to be paid this way. The […]

  • Problems living in an apartment

    Living in an apartment eliminates the need to pay property taxes or a mortgage. Furthermore, landlords typically handle most of the maintenance, relieving tenants of one of the primary sources of homeowner stress. However, there are several drawbacks to apartment living that sometimes cause renters to move or seriously consider purchasing a home. 1.) Space […]

  • Must have kitchen accessories

    One of the most important things to consider when setting up a kitchen is adequate planning. One should consider what he or she will prepare on a regular basis before purchasing utensils and other items. Here’s a list of utensils that are commonly found in an Indian kitchen. 1.) Vegetable chopper(manual) It can be difficult […]

  • Living room accessories

    Every home is unique, but there will always be space for common design ideas such as lamps, candle holders, stools, a prayer area, modest seating configurations with lovely cushion covers, and so on. Here are some of the most preferred décor items that every Indian home should have; 1.) Houseplants Houseplants are an excellent home […]