How to Resolve Incomplete Requirements In Software Engineering?

incomplete requirement

In any software implementation project, the requirement is the stepping stone. Be it a waterfall methodology or be an agile project. And incomplete requirements can cost in havoc consequences. When Can Incomplete Requirements Be Caught? During the requirement gathering phase, the gaps in requirements or incompleteness can be picked up in a review by the … Read more

What Is The Preferred Order for Performing Testing On Information Technology Projects?

referred Order for Performing Testing

I have been working in the IT services sector for 13 years now and right now working as a manager. So, I am qualified to tell you about the preferred Order for Performing Testing. There are different methodologies followed in information technology projects. For example waterfall methodology, Agile Scrum, Scaled agile, etc. I have been … Read more

How To Become a CSM in 4 Days?

How To Become a CSM

Last Thursday I decided to become a certified scrum master. So, I visited the Scrum Alliance website and checked out different Certifications, and decided to register for the CSM program. I wanted to know How To Become a CSM. I had to take 2 days of online training, there were 3 options available for 13th … Read more