Real Estate Investment Trusts In India

real estate investment trusts

This post is going to be on REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT trusts or real estate investment trusts. What are they? How do they fit into your portfolio? What are the advantages that they have over buying traditional real estate? The most simple question and a few people are familiar with it, but so that everyone’s on … Read more

Investing For Financial Freedom

investing for financial freedom

India got freedom in 1947, but that does not make us free from our responsibilities., wants, needs. Recently I completed reading “The Psychology of Money” and I realized, financial freedom is not a one-dimensional goal. Just investing for financial freedom and reaching a certain amount will not make you financially free. Many times, we ask … Read more

Are ReITs A Good Buy Now?

Invest In REITs

I will jot down why this might not be a good time to invest in real estate investment trusts or REITs in this post. And give you reasons I am buying them anyway. ReITs are real estate investment trusts. These are not precisely shares; these are sold in units. There are three listed ReITs in … Read more

Why Share Price Drops After Buyback?

Why Share Price Drops

Recently, Rites brought buyback offer, and I sold some of my shares in buyback. But Rites stocks did not actually drop after buyback, the price increased, which was expected, due to anticipated increase in EPS and liquidity flow. But at time stock price drops right after buyback, especially when the buyback price offered is more … Read more