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  • Is India Entering The Eye of Economic Storm?

    While the COVID Pandemic has broken every country’s back, India’s economy was breaking down post-2015 November demonetization. The GST rollout was another blow to small businesses. While the stock market celebrated GST because they anticipated that the unorganized sector will be sucked out dry by the organized sector, everyone forgot that the unorganized sector is […]

  • How Will Coronavirus Impact Indian Economy And India’s Monetary Policy?

    Let me begin by saying, I am not an trained economist. But then you hear that a lot from people who cannot stop to express their opinion. And economists have worse record in predicting future than most astrologers. Anyway, without going into those complicated issues and debates, lets talk facts. I work in IT services […]

  • How Corona Virus Will Impact Indian Economy?

    Now To top priorities for this task force, one is to understand that we need to move from what I call a business-as-usual economy to a warlike economy. And the principles to run a war like economy are very different from the principles of running the business as usual economy. So obviously we have to […]

  • Shopping Malls Won’t Go Out Of Business

    Shopping Malls Won’t Go Out Of Business

    I am sure US shopping malls are not something that is growing in the USA. People are increasingly buying everything online and convenience is the biggest factor among all other reasons. But, today I went to a nearby mall. And just so that you know today is 21st December. It is a very cold day […]

  • 6 Ways You Can Prepare For Upcoming Recession

    6 Ways You Can Prepare For Upcoming Recession

    I purchased my first stock in 2008. Right before the recession started. Yes, I saw the fall. But I did not know what the heck was going on, or Who that guy Lehman was, why was too big to fail, etc. All I did was, I purchased beaten-down bank stocks, Trust me, it was not something […]