Why The Strong Stock Market is Justified

Strong Stock Market

On March 22, 2020, we witnessed the bottom in stock market. At least in India and USA. I do not track other markets closely enough to comment on them. While the economy in India is barely walking at best, why is the stock market running? Isn’t stock market supposed to reflect economy? What does the … Read more

Why Am I Bullish On ITC Ltd.?

ITC brands

The tobacco giant sells 80% of legal cigarettes in India. When compared with British Tobacco or Altria Group, they have better brands and more products of course, and they are present in more countries than ITC. Anyway, while cigarettes volumes are going down and hopefully that is a good thing for society in long term, … Read more

How To Invest On Your Own?

Value Investing In India

While the economy remains on a ventilator, we will still need a few companies. Many people will lose their job. So, they will spend less money. Like, they will probably not visit restaurants so often, or buy a car anytime soon. But they will still consume data on their phone, or watch movies on Netflix. They will keep gas or electric running. They will make trips to the grocery stores for grocery stores, Walmart or Costco. You need to find these companies, and invest in those with a zero-commission brokerage account like Robinhood.

Why Is The Price of ONGC Falling?

Let me start with a disclaimer, I have ONGC stocks and my family members do too. I recently purchased ONGC after selling my shares in NHPC. Anyway, at the current price, I have around 10% notional loss on ONGC, and the current price is right above 100rs a share in NSE. Indian Government owns this … Read more