How To Get A Refund From Turbotax Online?

This year I decided to give turbotax a try to file online tax. Moreover, Robinhood gave me a #20 coupon to give Turbotax a go. I had to upload all the documents such as W2, dividend income , and tax document from Robinhood. After I was almost done, I got stuck at an error. Turbotax…

My Experience of Getting DSC from E-Mudhra


Since I decided to start my own business, I wanted to do everything by rule. And by myself, to keep the cost low. One can hire consultants to get GST done or Digital signature certificate done and trademark filed. Anyway, I did not really understand the importance of DSC or digital signature certificate until I…

Read It Before Buying Silver Coins Online

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I wanted to buy some silver coins. Like many of you I gift or donate silver coins. And nowadays we are buying groceries from Bigbasket and Amazon, so the first place I went was Amazon to check the price for silver coins.Since we usually know the price of silver ( which changes everyday or more…

What Strategies Are Most Effective For Saving Money?

When COVID broke out last March 2020, I received an email from my employer, informing us that they have suspended all raises, promotions, and bonuses. And then they announced a pay cut and started furloughing without pay. I realized one thing right at that moment, that I did not have almost any cash saved up….