Why Buying Expensive Phone is a Waste of Money

expensive phone

Mobile phones are becoming a much-needed device, and almost everyone carries them. Years ago, mobile phones were only considered to cover a communication gap between individuals. Anyone can communicate with anybody they want by using mobile phones. Initially, individuals used a mobile phone to talk or deliver their messages to each other, but its use … Read more

How to Save Money by Living in your Car?

How to Save Money by Living in your Car

In today’s world, inflation is increasing at an alarming rate. Everyone is facing issues in maintaining a balance between their income and expenditures. Talking about living expenses, these are rising swiftly, and many people face challenges in fulfilling even their living expenditures. Some locations certainly appear to have escaped the cost of the living hike, … Read more


how to save money on zomato

I have been using Zomato and Swiggy for a while now. I started using the food delivery app Swiggy first and then shifted to Zomato as Zomato felt more intuitive and easy to use. After being an extensive user of Zomato, I thought of sharing How to save money on Zomato. If you want to … Read more

Kolkata To Puri Road Trip

kolkata to puri

Last Friday, on 24th December 2021, I decided to visit Puri, Orissa. I am going to share my experience of Kolkata to Puri to back to Kolkata road trip in this post. 24th December we reached Puri from Kolkata. 25th December We visited Konark Temple. Konark Temple is around 50kms from Puri. To enter the … Read more

How To Save Money For Future Investment?

Save Money For Future Investment

A penny saved is a penny earned. In India saving money can be especially challenging, considering the population is young, aspirational and the society is increasingly materialistic. We believe in living the best life, and costs money. That leaves us with the question, how to save money for future? How to save money for retirement? … Read more