How Am I Planning To Earn Rs 360000 Per Year From Dividend?

Hi there, this post is supposed to be a more of a personal note or a goal for self, but I am sharing it publicly and sharing my plan. This plan is a step towards generating enough passive income to eventually replace my paycheck from job. And this earning has to have some sort of certainty, regardless of market goes up or down. I am not a trader, I do not know first thing about stock trading. I know somethings about analyzing a company, and I can analyze probability based on facts I have on my hand. I am sharing this plan to earn from dividend, because I am yet to completely implement it and after living though a recession with my portfolio I am bit more certain that this plan will work for me and you. And this is a simple plan, so anyone can implement this. For now the target is to generate 3 lacs 60 thousands Per Year From Dividend and eventually grow that to bigger amount.

I started buying and selling stocks in 2008, unfortunately I was not sure what to buy or why to buy, so, I was really late to the game and I started building portfolio after 2017. I have lost money in stocks, I have made some profits too. But, better days are ahead, since I am more wiser now and patient with my portfolio

So, How am I Planning to Earn 3.6 lacs per year From Stock Dividend?

I want to make this amount from dividends from stable businesses which are bound to be there in 50 years and probably will go up. I am going to share with you the list and quantity of share I will need to make 360000 Per Year From Dividend. The question comes to mind, will this income be stable? There would be a high probability, better than trading stocks, but only challenge is, one will need knowledge of valuing a business or company and it needs capital, unlike trading, where one can start with 5000 rs and a zero brokerage trading account with espresso.

Script NameQuantityDividend Per ShareTotal
Cochin shipyard10001515000
Garden Reach100055000
Maz Dock100055000
Embassy REIT10001515000
Brookfield REIT10001515000
Mindspace REIT10001515000
Coal India10001010000

The above mentioned scripts will help me reach the goal. Few more points to remember, these are not only stocks I have, I have investment in some growth companies and I will not buy these at any price. REITS are not exactly equity instrument, they are more debt like instruments. I doubt that Coal india will survive 50 years in it’s current form.

This was more to show you it is possible to generate predictable and stable dividend income with a stock portfolio and that would be passive income worth more than 3 lacs Per Year From Dividend. I would suggest you to come up with a plan and implement that. If you do not understand stocks or companies then do not follow this plan.