How Robinhood Pay Dividends?

I have been using Robinhood for almost 4 years now if not more. I own around 9 names in my portfolio. All of them pay a dividend. Now to be clear, Robinhood is a listed company now, it does not pay any dividends. But the stocks we buy and hold do pay dividends. You buy Stocks on Robinhood, those stocks pay dividends. So, how Robinhood Pay Dividends?

IF you are buying dividend-paying US stocks, every quarter you will get notification from Robinhood that would say your stock is going to pay you some cash as a dividend. End of the year you will get a statement that will tell you how much dividend you have gotten, how much of it is qualified and in case you have received any unqualified dividend that will be mentioned too. Find out more about qualified dividends in my other post here.

Can you make money with Robinhood?

There are 3 ways to make money with Robinhood.

  1. Buy any stock ( do your research) for a lower price and then sell it off when the price goes up. I have done this a few times. Robinhood calculates your gains and at the end f the financial year they will send you a tax statement.
  2. Buy and hold great businesses those pay dividends. And you will see dividends being credited every quarter. Initially, based on the number of shares you own, the amount might not seem big, but with an increase in dividends eventually, you may get big paychecks in the form of dividends.
  3. Thirdly with Robinhood Gold and options, you can make profitable trades. I am not going to make this post about options and derivatives tutorials. Let me know in the comment in case you are interested to know more.

Do you get dividends from Robinhood?

As and when you get the company declares a dividend, you get a notification on the notification dashboard saying how much dividend you are going to receive and on which date. You can dismiss the notification(after the happy dance) and later you can check it in History as pending before it is credited. That is pretty much How Robinhood Pay Dividends.

Does Robinhood include dividends in total return?

No, it does not. total return includes the return on a capital only. I would like to add one point here, in a year like 2019, your stocks might take a beating and investment may go down, but the dividend will help you offset losses.

And please do not panic sell stocks just because the market is down or there is a recession coming. Like the winter, the recession will be followed by spring, and you do not want to miss the summer either. So, hang in there.

What does Div Yield mean on Robinhood?

Say you buy a share for $40 and that one share pays you $1 in dividend in a full year, which means, the dividend yield will be 2.5%. The dividend yield tells you how much you will earn in dividends for every $100 invested in the stock.

One point you should remember, the dividend yield shown on Robinhood is most probably wrong, I would suggest that you check the dividend yield from Yahoo finance.

Is Robinhood good for long term investing?

Of course, you can. You can buy stocks and hold them as long as you would like. But then, Robinhood is a taxable account, you may consider IRA or 401K and Robinhood does not offer those.

Is it safe to enter the social security number in Robinhood?

As I said, I have Robinhood account for a while now. Robinhood needs the social so that they can report earnings to the IRS. They do not run any credit check, they do not lend us money, why would they check our credit score? So, our credit score does not get dinged when we provide SSN to Robinhood.

Is Robinhood free?

Well, I guess not. Even if you are not a Gold member, which costs $5 a month, still they trade your data with I do not who. So, there is no free lunch exactly. But, the question is, do you care if they trade your data as long as you get to buy stocks without paying commissions?

You can get a Gold membership which I have and you can read the benefits here.

Is Robinhood safe?

I have not experienced anything as of yet which would make me say that it is not safe. Robinhood offers 2-factor authentication too, so with a safe password, you can use 2FA auth, to make sure your account is not hacked.

If we come to the fact that they share my data with some big backs, well I am not sure how that impacts me. So far I have not felt anything. I have never lost any stock either, and I get my dividends too, so I would say it is safe.

Does Robinhood report to IRS?

Yes they do, that is why they take our SSN while signing up. They report earnings to IRS and end of the year, somewhere in the middle of February they send a tax statement too, which I need during tax filing.

Can I invest in Robinhood itself?

Sure you can, Robinhood is a listed company now. And if you want you can buy robinhood stocks on robinhood app.

Is Robinhood public?

Yes, it is a publicly listed company now.

How can I get free stock on Robinhood?

Easy, just sign up here with this link. Once you sign up, refer your friends and family, once they join with your link they will get their free stocks and you will get one free stock for each referral.


How Do You Pay Taxes On Robinhood Stock?

Robinhood sends you a tax document on 15th February. For last 2 years they sent a correction next day after sending the tax document on 15th February. I just send the tax document to my accountant and they find with my W-2. If you file your own tax, you can upload this document directly.

How Do You Pay Taxes On Robinhood Stock
Go to Account, and then navigate to Documents to find all tax documents for past financial year.

How To Find Dividend Yield on Robinhood?

Let me first tell you the dividend yield shown for a stock on Robinhood is not accurate, and you should always check dividend yield on Either way, if you want to check it on Robinhood, go to the portfolio, open the stock from the portfolio and scroll down to “About” section and you will see dividend yield for the stock.

How Can You Tell Dividend In Robinhood?

If you have Robinhood app installed on your smartphone, you will get notified. You have to navigate to “History” and you will see any dividend that is yet to credited under “Pending”

You will see a Dividend link and you will get a list of recently credited dividends. And this is How Robinhood Pay Dividends.

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