How to Unfreeze Your NPS Account?

On 20th of February, 2021 I decided to open a NPS account for my mother. And creating NPS account online is no big deal. It is simple and does not take more than 30 – 45 minutes. But, I made a mistake while creating the account, I entered the date of birth wrong. And rightly the POP – SP, in my case HDFC bank rejected the KYC. Because the date of birth provided was wrong ( PAN had a different DOB). Since the KYC was rejected the PRAN went into freeze. There was only one way to fix the NPS account, that was to get the KYC done, from your Bank branch, which is mentioned as POP or point of presence. That is the only way to unfreeze your NPS account, because until the KYC is done by POP/ Bank, your NPS will remain in frozen status.
Fri, Mar 19, 6:30 PM (2 days ago)

to me

Dear Subscriber,
This has reference to your PRAN XXXXXX generated through vide Acknowledgement number XXXXXXXX on 2/20/2021 through HDFC BANK LIMITED.
In this regard, we wish to inform you that your KYC was rejected by your Bank/POP. In order to complete your registration process, you are requested to submit the Bank/POP verified registration form along with the supporting KYC documents to the below mentioned address. Please note that the form as well as the KYC documents should bear the stamp and signature of the verifying office (i.e. Bank/POP).
myNPS Registration
NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited
1st Floor, Times Tower,
Kamala Mills Compound,
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013
Click on the link, select the option 'e-Sign / Print Registration Form' and enter the Acknowledgement ID, Acknowledgement generation date and your Date of Birth or your First name, Date of Birth and Email address to download and print the form. Request you to paste your photograph (please do not sign across the photograph) & affix signature. Please note URL link is best supported on Internet Explorer.
In case of non-submission of Bank/POP verified myNPS registration form, your PRAN will remain in freeze status and you will not be able to contribute further. Kindly ignore, if you have already submitted the Bank/POP verified myNPS Registration Form (with supporting documents).
Please do not reply to this email.
Please let us know in case you require any specific assistance from our end. You may write to us at

Above is the email that is instruction you will need to follow. You will have to download the original form, fill it up, with signature and you will need a passport size picture of the subscriber.

Before you do all these, talk to your bank branch, show them the instruction email. In my case, the branch or the manager were not aware of any process. So, I had to do the research. Once account is open, and if you want to update any information, there is a separate form for that. But this was an unique situation. I entered wrong information while creating NPS account and my KYC was rejected. Then my NPS account was frozen.

Anyway, I followed this email and downloaded the form, then send that to the bank branch. They complete the KYC and sent the document to the address provided. I will keep you guys posted about what happens next.

5/1/2021 – Okay, It has been more than 1.5 months now since I did all these. And now I have given up on the band and NSDL. I called NSDL to find out the status of my DOB change. They informed me what I already knew. They said, I need to download the form and take it to Bank and send to their address. In nutshell, they did not get the KYC document.

Then I contacted @HDFC bank to find out what happened to the form and it was difficult to track down until I filed a complaint. Finally I found out that the document was not sent to the correct address. The bank informed me that they do not know how to help and they suggested that I go to a branch when they work with demat, and they did not have cue if those guys will be able to help.

I paid 700 rs to NSDL, now going to a different branch will cost me money, and that does not assure that my problem will be fixed. So, I am writing the cost off as sunk cost. Point being I cannot tell you how you can get help from your bank to fix date of birth in case you entered it wrong during opening account in NSDL NPS account.

I checked with NSDL NPS guys if I can close the account turned out I cannot. And in nutshell this is out system, second wave of corona virus already exposed us though.

Why The NPS Account Was Frozen?

The simple answer is, while I was signing up, I provided a date of birth that did not match with the date of birth in PAN card, hence the POP or Bank did not approve the KYC. They rejected the KYC and NPS account was in Frozen status, because it was not KYC approved.

What Do I have to Do to Unfreeze NPS Account?

I had to get the original form and take to the bank, get it KYCed and send the documents to NPS office. You can see the address above. Once NPS receives the KYCed document from Bank, they unfreeze the NPS account.

I do not think even if the NPS in frozen status, you still can contribute, but problem is you will need to get KYC done.

Why Do You Need to Unfreeze Your NPS Account?

NPS is not a place where you can park your money for short term. But you should consider this for retirement savings option.