How To Get A Refund From Turbotax Online?

This year I decided to give turbotax a try to file online tax. Moreover, Robinhood gave me a #20 coupon to give Turbotax a go. I had to upload all the documents such as W2, dividend income , and tax document from Robinhood. After I was almost done, I got stuck at an error. Turbotax was not being able to read the Robinhood document. And It was asking to fill in few boxes manually. But I simply could not fill in those boxes online, next Turbotax suggested me to download the form, take a print out, fill up those boxes and file by mail.

I was not going to do that. But, there was another problem, I already made the payment.

Get A Refund From Turbotax

So, the question remained, How To Get A Refund From Turbotax Online? I had to find out a way to contact Turbotax and ask for refund, because I was not going to file my taxes with them. I was looking for their customer care number. And I fund one. But being as lazy as I am, I never called them, so, cannot tell you what would have happened if I had called the customer care. Instead, I message Turbotax on Twitter, how can I get refund from turbotax. An agent replied me and asked me to DM them the order number and brief them the issue. So I provided them the order number and told them why I wanted a refund. So, the agent gave me a link to a refund request form.

So, I submit the form, and after 3 – 4 days, it was rejected because they had a policy which did not allow them to refund. But then, I never filed tax with them, so why would I pay them $100? I reached out to the Twitter team again.

This time I told them, I could dispute the charge since Turbotax is not issuing the refund, but I did not have to do that finally. The agent was really kind to work with the ticket and issue me a refund, which got credited to the credit account in 2 days.