Get The Security Deposit Back From Landlord

I thought of sharing that I lived in Quincy, MA area for over four years. And I have lived in Lincoln Heights near the Quincy Adams red Line. I have lived in 3 units. And I can tell that I have experience getting back the total deposit amount every time from my equity residential. And I am going to tell you how to Get The Full Security Deposit Back From Equity Residential. Although, they never asked for a hefty deposit amount like other states, maybe because the rent is high. Anyhow, they usually do the final inspection after you move out, but this time I had a pre-inspection done. They check the following points, and if you study the questions below, you can figure out what will cost you the amount to be deducted ( due to any damage you have caused) from the deposit amount.

The Questions You Need To Answer To Get The Full Security Deposit Back-

Do you have a carpet?
If yes, what would you rate the condition of your carpet? poor, fair, good, excellent?
Are there any visible stains on the carpet?
If yes, where? How large? And how many?
Are your appliances in good/new condition?
Are your appliances in good working order?
Are there any cracks/ broken pieces on any of the appliances?
Rate the condition of your walls 1-10 (1 being a full paint is needed and 10 being no paint needed):
Do we need to patch any holes in the walls?
What is the condition of your tub/shower (shower corners, shower floor)?
Is the grout in need of heavy cleaning in both the shower and the tile floor?
Are there any damaged blinds? If yes, how many and in which room?
Any other issues we should be aware of?

In my experience, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom is a bit cumbersome. I will suggest getting the full security deposit back; being transparent and upfront will be helpful. And go for the pre-inspection. Ask the person visiting your apartment if everything looks okay; they will let you know if you need to fix anything. Otherwise, it should not be that hard to maintain the walls and blinds.

Usually, I avoid carpets. Because Every time I rented an apartment with carpets, I ended up paying for the wash, although I never dropped anything on the carpets. Luckily, this time I rented a hardwood floor apartment. It does not have any carpet anywhere.

I usually never drill any holes on the wall, or neither do I paint. But, if I want to hang anything, I typically use the pins. As a result, nobody ever complained about the walls after I vacated the apartments.

After your last day, they will perform the final inspection, and then you get The Full Security Deposit Back From Equity Residential. You can give them a forwarding address to send you the check, but I got my deposit back in my checking account. I hope these points will help you to get the security deposit back from my equity residential.