Wow Momo Franchise in Kolkata

I was looking for a Wow Momo franchise opportunity. And the first thing I found out Wow Momo does not have a web site. They have a Wikipedia page, a Facebook Page and a Linkedin page. Although I found a lot of posts on the internet about the franchise from them, none of them looked legitimate since those did not mention any contact information, moreover, the required space seemed to be a bit more than most of the stores I have been to. After this research, I got an idea that probably there was no easy way to get Wow Momo’s franchise. And I had a feeling that they are not into franchising. Some internet portals were saying to email the director. I did not do that, because, in India, it is just impossible to expect any reply from most people in such positions. I sent a message to Wow Momo on their Facebook page and got a response from them after 2 days and that is good enough for me.

Does Wow momo provide franchise in India?

Hello! Thank you for your message. It is really nice and motivating to hear that you want a franchise but currently we are not into franchising. And all our outlets are company owned and company operated. However we request you to please send us a brief email of interest for franchising at [email protected]. If we ever plan to franchise,we will definitely have your contact details to get in touch. Thanks and Regards Team Wow Momo

Contact Information of Wow Momo:

I will suggest you reach out to [email protected] or message them on their facebook page.

Before I end, please ignore all the other posts on the internet, those are all bogus clickbait posts. But, point to be noted at this point is we cannot have wow momo franchise.

Is There Any Alternative To Wow Momo Franchise?

There are other restaurant companies who give out the franchise, do your own research. Even though we cannot get to open Wow Momo Franchise, there are other momo Franchise , those might not be as popular as Wow! though. But, the first impression I got is, location is crucial. Not all companies will give out the franchise for just any location. You can reach out to those companies first and get the basic information like where would they give out the franchise, how much it would cost, how much space you would need and what kind of support they will provide you.

How Much Money Required To Open A Wow Momo Outlet In Kolkata?

I have seen different sizes outlet of wow momo. There was one in salt lake sector 5, right next to RDB Adlabs, in front of BIPL building, it was less than 10 sq ft. Or think about the outlets Wow momo has in spencers in Axis mall, that is small too. Anyway, the brand name carries more value than actual real estate that is required. But since one cannot get a franchise, we do not know how much it will cost exactly. I will update this post, once I have some updates.

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