How to Save Money by Living in your Car?

In today’s world, inflation is increasing at an alarming rate. Everyone is facing issues in maintaining a balance between their income and expenditures. Talking about living expenses, these are rising swiftly, and many people face challenges in fulfilling even their living expenditures. Some locations certainly appear to have escaped the cost of the living hike, but finding a place on your own while simultaneously attempting to save money is tough for many new grads and adults. And the larger your city, the more difficult it might be to locate a nice apartment on a budget.

Some people may argue one can save money by living in their own country, obtaining many housemates, or even living with parents at home, and there is no need to live in a car. However, for our younger adults, this is not always the case. Some people might not have relatives to rely on, the financial means to get to and from work on time, or many friends or coworkers they can trust enough to live with.

For these folks, thinking outside the box is sometimes required. The solution is to save money by living in a car for some. With the increase in inflation, housing, and rental rates, and the debt of the new graduates and other individuals, more young adults are thinking of living in their cars to reduce their expenditures and save their money. Living in the car provides many benefits as it allows you to be free of societal constraints such as high rent and consumption culture while also enjoying a life of unlimited freedom and possibilities.

The first and most important benefit of living in a car is saving money. Living in an apartment or rented house costs much more than living in a car. In today’s world, where inflation is at its peak, house rents and other home expenses are alarming. There are a lot of home expenses such as electricity charges, gas charges, house maintenance and rent, and many additional utility charges. Whereas living in a car is cost-effective. Unlike living in an apartment or a house, there are no utility charges and reduced house rent and travel charges. One can use space in parking lots of their work area for free. In today’s world, individuals’ needs increase to match up with society. With the increase in individuals’ needs and demands, expenses also increase. By living in a car, one can save that portion of his income utilized for household expenses.  

Besides home expenses, living in a car provides an individual with a minimalist lifestyle. In this glorifying and materialistic world where everyone is running after artificial glare and a consumerist lifestyle, a minimalist and healthy lifestyle is a great need of the hour—living in a car help to maintain a minimalist lifestyle. In the minimalist lifestyle, one makes an effort only to use useful items. It is all about living simply and having what one needs to get by each day. A minimalist lifestyle will also help save money as the individuals living in a car only buy or use that thing he needs and avoid being materialistic. 

Many individuals in India and the world have less income than their expenditures. They face many challenges in fulfilling their needs. Their monthly bills, house rent, travel expenses, worldly needs, and consumerist lifestyle make it difficult to balance their income and expenses. Living in a car rather than in an apartment or a house can help them control their extra costs and manage their income.

Living in a home demands additional expenses, and individuals started to fulfill their materialistic needs that are of no purpose. But, this can be controlled by living in a car because this will help the individuals fulfill only those necessary needs. For example, those individuals living in a house or an apartment spend their money on household maintenance such as curtains, whitewashing, cleaning materials, furniture, and many others. But these expenses can be upheld or controlled by living in a car as these are not needed to maintain a vehicle. Through this, one can save money.

One can save money by living in a car as there are no massive belongings. Only a few relatives come to visit if one is living in a car. Fewer relatives visits will also help save money. Those individuals living in an apartment or a rented house used to serve their relatives and other guests as guests often came to visit them, increasing their expenses as they have to serve their guests. On the other hand, living in a car leads to fewer visits from the relatives and the guests hence saving the money.


Everything has its pros and cons, and so is living in a car. It has many benefits and helps save money. One can save money by living in a car as it allows the individual to control many of the necessary expenses while living in an apartment or a house. In this inflated world, there are a lot of challenges for individuals belonging to a middle or low socio-economic status to manage their income and maintain a balance between their income and expenses. With the increase in inflation, living expenditures are also increased as house rents, utility bills, transportation expenses, serving guests, household maintenance, and other expenses are reaching their peak. Unemployment is also rising, leading to more challenges in maintaining a balanced life.

In such a case, living in a car is one of the solutions. It will help reduce household expenditures and maintain a simple, minimalist, and less materialistic lifestyle. Many expenses that are necessary while living in a house or an apartment are not much important or essential if individual lives in a car, hence helping an individual save his money. One must think of living in a car considering its benefits as it is amongst the solutions to save money.

But, before deciding to live in a car, consider that you will have very little privacy and you need to park your car near a public toilet or something, so you can have easy access to a toilet. My personal suggestion will be if you are going through financial hardship then try to find a place to crash with friends to family.