Ratan Tata: A Visionary Leader

 Abhiroop Bhattacharyya

May 18, 2023

A prominent Indian entrepreneur and humanitarian, Ratan Tata has supported more than 100 startups in his country. He is recognized for his eagerness to finance fledgling enterprises that offer fresh and original concepts.

Some of the startups that have been backed by Ratan Tata include:

Avaana Health

Avaana Health, a digital health enterprise, is dedicated to rendering cost-effective medical assistance to individuals residing in rural regions of India. This healthcare initiative has been supported by Ratan Tata.

Green Star


CarDekho is a web-based platform for purchasing cars that assists users in evaluating car prices and features prior to making a purchase.

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Cure.fit is a startup focused on health and fitness, providing a range of services such as online fitness classes, gym memberships, and meal plans..

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Droom operates as an e-commerce platform that facilitates the purchase and sale of pre-owned vehicles.

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Elara Technologies:

Elara Technologies is a company that develops and sells audio products, such as headphones and speakers.


Flixbus is a bus company that offers intercity travel in Europe.

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GOQii is a startup focused on health and fitness, offering customized coaching and assistance to its users.

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GreyOrange specializes in the creation and distribution of automated warehouse solutions within the robotics industry.

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Licious is a company that specializes in delivering fresh and high-quality meat to customers in India through their online platform.

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MobiKwik is a company specializing in digital payments, enabling users to conveniently make transactions for both online and offline purchases.

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Oyo Room

In India, Oyo Rooms serves as a hotel aggregator that provides budget-friendly and high-quality lodging options for travelers.

Ratan Tata has supported numerous startups as he strongly advocates for entrepreneurship and recognizes the potential for startups to create a positive impact on society. The above mentioned startups are just a small selection of those he has backed.