What Occurs If You Send Cash to Espresso Account From a Nonlinked Financial institution Account?

I opened an Espresso account last Friday ( or maybe it was Thursday, not important). It was fairly easy and did not take more than 30 minutes. It took, valid cell number, valid email address, Aadhaar card ( as address proof), PAN card. Remember you will need to scan your Pan card and Aadhaar card, then upload to Espresso portal. You can use your phone camera to scan. I use Adobe scanner, it is free and works well. I almost forgot, Espresso will ask for IFSC code and account number too, you will get these on your savings account check book.

Does Sharekhan Espresso Support Bandhan Bank Account?

I could open Espresso brokerage account with my Bandhan Bank Savings account. I did not get any warning whatsoever. But, there was a surprise for me, after I logged in.

As you can see in the image above, the transfer from Bandhan is not free, even it is not possible. I could not use the UPI transfer either. So, using Bandhan bank Savings account will have some limitations.

So, How To Transfer Money From Bandhan Savings Account to Espresso?

Thankfully that is possible. And I say this, after being able to successfully transfer money to Espresso. Use the NEFT/ RTGS route. You need to add the account to Bank and then transfer the money. I did NEFT and money got credited within / around 2 hours. So it was not immediate, but it was NEFT. I will have to try RTGS. Once I find out the result, I will add to this post.

What Happens If I Transfer Money From an Account Which is Not Linked with Espresso brokerage?

Dint someone say that a picture is better than 1000 words? So I gave a screenshot from my account statement. I tried transferring from an account which is not linked to Nespresso and it never got credited. After 24hrs the money came back to my account. And I did not contact Espresso or the Bank. It was automatically returned. So, the takeaway is, you can transfer money to Espresso account by NEFT/ RTGS, only from the linked account. Not from any other account.

Can I Transfer Fund to Espresso Equity Account on A Sunday?

I just did to check, and turned out I could NEFT in some money in my Espresso account. My suggestion would, do it on Monday morning, let your cash earn the interest on Sunday.

Can Existing Sharekhan Customers Shift To Espresso Broking?

I opened my sharekhan brokerage account in 2008, and since my portfolio size is heavy, I get a nice brokerage and my annual charges are waived off. Saying that I have recently opened an espresso broking account too. As it is a discount brokerage account, the brokerage is nil. There is no link between my sharekhan and my new espresso brokerage.