What to do When Amazon Seller Sends you Wrong or Damaged Product?

Recently, I purchased a tape from Amazon business. And I was not happy with the quality of the product, so I decided that I will send it back and claim refund. When I was trying to send it back, Amazon asked me if I would like to get a replacement instead. Within few days, replacement came, and the pack was really light, flat. I instantly figured, that that pack did not contain rolls of tapes. And that is what is making me this post, what to do when amazon seller sends you wrong or damaged product, or in my case I received a piece of cardboard?

Amazon Seller Sends you Wrong or Damaged Product

As you can see in the image above that I ordered 6pcs packing tape, which I wanted to replace and then the replacement was delivered too. My problem was with the replacement. And then my quest started to find out what to do when Amazon Seller Sends you Wrong or Damaged Product.

This videos showed that in the replacement package, I actually got a piece of cardboard. Why? The seller, did not want to lose money by sending replacement, sending this piece of cardboard was cheaper for me. And moreover, this created a major problem for me.

When the delivery person handed me over this packet, I pointed out that the pack was too light and too flat to contain tapes, but he collected the original product, and told me to report this to be wrong product and get replacement. So, I did not give it second thought before accepting the delivery. But one thing my suspicion made me do, was making video while I opened the pack. Now I had to figure what to do when amazon seller sends a cardboard instead of actual good.

After realizing what the seller tried to do, I immediately wanted refund for the product. And @Amazon wanted to pick it up first before processing the refund. The next day, the collection person arrived, and outrightly declined to accept it, because it did not actually have any product. And accepting it would have created problem for him. You can imagine, someone might have accused him of stealing the products.

Again, I informed this to Amazon. I spoke to person someone called @Pooja and she assured me it ( the cardboard inside the torn packet) will be collected and my refund will be processed. Next day, the collection person arrived and it was a season 2 of same episode from day before. I figured, why this amazon Seller Sent me Wrong or Damaged Product, to be specific, no product at all.

This is the screenshot of credit card statement, it shows I finally got the refund. I called Amazon and explained what was going on. The whole story, including my previous interactions with Amazon and why it was not being collected. And I got my refund.

There are Few question, which needs to be answered though. So, I will answer those questions here.

Why Did the Amazon Seller Sent Wrong or Damaged Product?

There was a cost involved in sending the product, and to send the replacement. Unfortunately this seller was shortsighted, and wanted to save money on second / replacement product. Problem was he had to accept a negative review that will remain with him forever.

There is a possibility that he new that returning piece of cardboard would be difficult, and he probably knew it would be difficult to get refund on non-returned items.

But, finally he had to refund, he had to pay for shipping changes and worst of all he collected a negative review and paid for it, literally.

Why Did the Collection Persons Declined to Collect the Returned Item?

Very simple, if they collect a pack and a piece of cardboard in it, when they want to return that to Amazon, it might appear that they have stolen the actual good. Actually, the people deliver and collect stuff from your home, are not direct Amazon staffs, they are delivery partners. Even if they are Amazon employees, still they are accountable for goods they carry, especially when they will have to be returned and pack is open. So, if the amazon seller sends you a piece of cardboard, they will not take that back, otherwise when they go to return, it might appear as if they have stolen the actual stuff.