Where to hang undergarments in apartment India

Drying garments in a flat can seem overwhelming; there isn’t a garden with a line, there may be limited sunlight, and there’s a chance of mold forming if there is too much moisture in the air.

However, contrary to popular belief, dry garments in a flat is actually rather simple if you have the correct tools for the job! Join me today to learn how to dry clothes in a flat.

1.)  Folding Rack on the Wall

This can be hung over your dresser drawers or elsewhere in your room.

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When you need to hang something up, it unfolds. It can hold 8-10 articles of laundry at a time. For a week’s worth of clothes, that’s typical.

You can hang clothes on the rack with or without hooks. When you’re done drying your clothes, fold the rack back up, and it’ll be completely hidden. This manner won’t interfere with your daily routine.

2.) Airers for over-the-bath

If you’re very short on room, an over-the-bath airer is a great method to dry your clothes in a flat. This drier works similarly to the indoor airers listed above, except that it fits over your bathtub and is far smaller.

These dryers are perfect for drying smaller clothing over a longer length of time. Underwear and t-shirts are ideal, but this isn’t the best solution for longer items like skirts.

3.)  Invisible drawer dryers

A drawer dryer is even more subtle than a wall-mounted rack.

When not in use, these entirely slide into the drawer gaps. You may just pull them out when you need to dry certain garments and then slide them back in.

These can hold roughly 4-5 loads of laundry at once. You can easily quadruple that amount if you’re inventive.

4.) Window-mounted drying rack

One of the simplest methods to dry clothes in an apartment is to hang them near a window and let natural sunlight do the rest of the work.

If your flat gets a lot of natural light, it might be worth investing in a window-mounted drying rack where you can hang your items to dry.

5.) Air Drying Alternatives

There are various options for drying clothes other than air. Purchasing a clothes dryer is one of the most simple solutions. Others, on the other hand, may require some initiative and innovation.

Drying with a Dryer is probably the most often used method of drying garments. One can be found in most apartments and houses.

Without a balcony, where can I hang my clothes to dry?

You should be able to make a drying line out of your window if you have a balcony or a space fire escape. If you don’t have access to the outdoors, utilize an indoor drying rack. Indoor drying is a low-cost option that can be positioned near a bright window.


How do apartment dwellers dry their clothes?

In a small apartment, how do you dry your clothes? If you have access to an outside place, this is the greatest option. Otherwise, a window-mounted drying rack or a compact dryer with a low noise level can be used.

Why do Indians air dry their clothing on their balconies?

“We dry these in the sun or in a breezy location, such as our balconies or terraces.” The garments get a freshness from the sun and wind that a dryer can’t provide. It is impossible to describe the fragrance of freshly washed and dried clothing. Bacteria and other pathogens are also killed by sun drying.

Why don’t dryers exist in India?

India receives natural sunlight throughout the year. Many Indians are unable to purchase a dryer. In some areas, getting a 24-hour power supply is still impossible. Because the clothes are not totally dry after drying in the dryer, they must be dried in the sun for a short time.


Apartment dwellers may have laundry problems due to rainy weather and a lack of outdoor space. If you’re constantly scrambling for drying space within your home, turning tables, chairs, and stools into impromptu drying racks, you’re probably in need of some smart and snazzy ways to dry your laundry without ruining the look of your home.

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