Why Buying Expensive Phone is a Waste of Money

Mobile phones are becoming a much-needed device, and almost everyone carries them. Years ago, mobile phones were only considered to cover a communication gap between individuals. Anyone can communicate with anybody they want by using mobile phones. Initially, individuals used a mobile phone to talk or deliver their messages to each other, but its use has now gone far beyond only communication. One can interact with other individuals, enjoy many other features and services on it, and use it for entertainment. Besides becoming a need, it is also becoming a trend. Everyone fascinates by those who keep an expensive mobile phone with them, and they also try to buy a costly phone for themselves.

Nowadays, different mobile phone companies launch phones available at a lower price and have almost similar features as expensive mobile phones. But, most people desire to buy an expensive phone rather than a cheaper phone. Buying an expensive phone is a waste of money as the features in such phones are not much different or advanced from the more affordable phones. There are many reasons why buying an expensive phone is a waste of money. These include;

  1. Cheaper phones have almost the same features as expensive phone
  2. Depreciation of the phone’s value and price
  3. Upgrading the phone is exhausting
  4. Major loss on misplacement of expensive phones
  5. Damage to cheaper phones can be bearable

Cheaper phones have almost the same features as expensive phones.

Many mobile phone companies, especially Chinese companies, are launching mobile phones having similar features to expensive phones at a lower price. One can enjoy everything in cheaper phones as he would enjoy expensive phones. For example, android mobile cameras are as good as expensive phones, and one can capture a good picture with better pixels. Many other features such as fingerprint sensor, voice quality, shape and size of phone, resolution, storage, RAM, sensors, and many others are available in cheaper phones and expensive phones. It means one can enjoy expensive phones’ features and services at a low price. So why not? Financially strong individuals can afford to buy expensive phones to fulfil their desires. Still, those who cannot afford to buy expensive phones or their expenses are more than their income should consider buying a cheaper phone with all amazing features than an expensive phone. 

Depreciation of phone’s value and price

Every device’s value decreased over time. Some devices’ value decreased after using them for many years, whereas some devices’ value reduced after using them for a few months. A mobile phone’s value depreciates after a few months, whether it is an expensive phone or a cheaper one. The only difference between the value depreciation of expensive and more affordable phones is wasted money. For example, if an individual buys an expensive phone, its market value and price will decrease after using it for some time, and a greater amount of money will be wasted. On the other hand, cheaper phones’ value and price also depreciated, but the amount of money wasted is less than the amount wasted on the expensive phones. So, individuals must consider buying a cheaper phone so that less amount of money is wasted.

Upgrading the phone is exhausting.

Every individual replaces a device after using it for some time; similar is the case with mobile phones. Many individuals replace their phones every six months; some replace them after a year or two. It depends on one’s financial status. Those who can afford to replace a phone every six months do so. But those who belong to the middle class or have low financial status find upgrading their expensive mobile phone exhausting as it brings financial stress. Individuals can upgrade to a cheaper phone with less financial stress. One can save money by using a more affordable phone and utilize those savings in fulfilling their other needs.

Major loss on misplacement of expensive phones

Accidents and losses are a part of our life. Sometimes, due to irresponsibility or any other reason, individuals’ mobile phones are misplaced or damaged due to an accident. Misplacement of expensive phones creates more stress and guilt in individuals than in cheaper phones. If the individual’s phone is expensive, he has to bear a major loss than those having a more affordable phone. For example, compare a loss of an iPhone and an android phone. One would face a major financial loss and emotional distress if he lost his iPhone than an android phone. And it will be relatively easier and possible for him to cope with the loss and buy another android phone.

Damage to cheaper phones can be bearable.

If anyone’s phone stops functioning properly, he has to repair it or replace it. Repairing expensive phones requires more money than repairing a cheaper phone, as the spare parts of more affordable phones are much more at a low price than the expensive ones. One might feel guilty if his expensive phone is damaged and bear more financial stress. On the other hand, damage to a cheaper phone is bearable. 


The mobile phone is becoming a major necessity and a luxury symbol in today’s world. It is also considered to be a status symbol in many societies. Many individuals desire to be represented as rich. In doing so, they try to buy expensive things or those considered a sign of luxurious life. Purchasing an expensive mobile phone is among that things. Some people buy expensive mobile phones by compromising their other needs and budget, only to match society’s standards. But many reasons prove that buying an expensive phone is a waste of money. As every feature and service is available in a cheaper phone, one must consider buying a more affordable phone to save money. As discussed above, there are many other benefits of buying a cheaper phone over an expensive one. Mobile phones should be just kept as a necessity rather than a luxury.