Why Is This A Great Time To Invest In A Dividend Income In India?

In India, I do not know how many people invest for the long term. Some people did, mostly after the bull run in 2017, many people were drawn towards mutual funds, but 2020 has shown everyone that Mutual fund Sahi nehi hain. And the ad was a total sham.

Buffet told us for many years that in long term mutual fund manager will screw up and the index will do better so he keeps on saying that invest in low-cost index funds. And now in India index fund for Nifty, Sensex is available and you will find Nasdaq index fund too.

But, as I said, no one has money or patience to keep the money for the long term. Anyway, coming back to the topic. I went to Google to validate the google search history on dividend income, to check-in Indians are considering dividend income to be a legit passive income source or not. I am sorry to see that, in this low-interest environment, where your FD does not even beat inflation, even the mutual fund return in the last 5 years could not beat inflation, but people are not considering dividend investments. In a year, there are less 100 searches in most states.

As uncertainty comes back in market, in form of inflation or other economic numbers like high unemployment, high inflation, lower revenue, the speculative and growth company stocks might tumble. Because these stocks go up in low risk environment. You should consider value companies, because they have predictable income source and you will earn dividend even if the stock price drops for a while. And there are many companies which have low to no debt, which make them great investment options.