Why it is bad idea to buy apartment in top floor?

A top floor is an apartment on a building’s upper floors. Because buildings in large cities might have up to six floors or more, determining which apartments can be labeled “top floor” can be tricky.

When looking for a flat or apartment to buy, you’ll quickly notice that they come in many forms and sizes, as well as on various floors, whether in a purpose-built building or a conversion. One of the questions you’ll need to consider is whether you’d buy a flat on the top floor of a building. Let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages of top-floor apartments so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

1.) No available outdoor space

Many ground floor and basement flats come with a private garden for the residents to use, which is a great bonus for outdoor living and entertaining. With top-floor houses, finding outdoor space is substantially more challenging. You may have struck gold if you find one with a balcony or, better still, a roof patio.

2.) Emergency

During an emergency such as a fire, evacuating a building can be challenging. Furthermore, living with pets, children, or individuals who are differently abled makes it more difficult.

3.) More stairs

There are times when you just need to go home as soon as possible. What exercises are you doing? This will be a major issue if your apartment doesn’t have elevators.

4.) Roofs that leak

One of the most significant disadvantages of living on the top floor is the vulnerability to roof difficulties. If there is a problem with the roof, such as a leak, you will be the first (and possibly the only) tenant to hear about it. Furthermore, you will be responsible for reporting the problem and will be forced to deal with the inconveniences until the roof is fixed.

5.) Premium pricing

The upper floors of housing projects offer premium pricing. As a result, you may have to pay a higher price for an apartment with stunning views.

6.) Unsuitable for the disabled and the elderly

The top floors are not accessible to the disabled or elderly. Please stay off if your grandmother will frequently be visiting.

Why are top-floor apartments the most expensive?

Top apartments get the most natural light and fresh air due to their physical placement. When there is a lot of natural light in an apartment, it feels a lot warmer and cozier, and studies have proven that natural light is good for mental health!

Furthermore, allowing natural light into your home will brighten it and make it feel larger.

Here are the reasons why top-floor apartments tend to be expensive

1.) More secure and safe

Apartments on top floors are usually the least vulnerable to thefts and crimes. The higher you go, the more difficult it is to get inside the apartment.

Furthermore, residing on the top floor means you must take the elevator all the way down to the bottom before leaving the building. So, your unit will be difficult to break into. When you reside on the top floor, potential robbers can’t just scurry a few steps to get to your apartment.

2.) Quiet and peaceful

Because you are on the top floor, there is less street noise, which allows you to relax and decompress.

3.) Prestige

The view is certainly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a “top floor flat.” Apartments with skyline views are highly sought after and command a higher price. There’s something to be said for waking up to a view that only a few people can afford.

Most top-floor apartments play up the luxury factor by including a private terrace or balcony. Residents can utilize these amenities whenever they choose, whether they want to start an outside garden or have a private gathering spot.

4.) Natural sunlight

Apartments on higher roofs may have more natural light than those on lower floors. One of the most appealing advantages for tenants is this.


Why you shouldn’t live on top apartments?

During hot seasons it is more difficult to cool down top-floor flats. This can cause your air conditioning expense to skyrocket. When you live on the top floor, you have to deal with elevator lines and stairs. Bringing a bike, groceries, and suitcases up and down from the top floor can be a pain.

Is it true that top-floor apartments are more expensive?

Furthermore, buyers must pay the highest per-square-foot rate for the top-floor property. “The topmost level flats are frequently 4 to 5 degrees hotter than the rest of the floors. 

Do top-floor apartments command a higher price?

The fact that the topmost level flats in an apartment complex are the last to be sold is something that all prospective buyers would have noticed. Furthermore, buyers must pay the highest per-square-foot rate for the top-floor property.


Living on top floors can be stressful and sometimes peaceful and comfy, depending on the type of tenants and their preferred lifestyle.

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