Why is the Submit With DCS and Submit With EVC buttons Disabled?

Today, for the second time I was trying to complete the online GST (India / gst.gov.in) form. And after completing the form, I got stuck on the last page for the second time. Last time I got stuck on the verification page as none of the Submit with EVC or Submit with DCS buttons were enabled. This time the mystery was resolved and I could finally submit with EVC.

if you face the same problem then from the swimlane/navigation panel above click on “Authorized Signatory” and then check the “Primary Authorized Signatory” and you will notice that the Profile will be 100% completed and not come back to the “Verification” page, ( click on the icon and you can navigate back) and you will have to fill in 2 fields, name and location. After that you will see Submit with EVC button being enabled.