Why Is The Price of ONGC Falling?

Let me start with a disclaimer, I have ONGC stocks and my family members do too. I recently purchased ONGC after selling my shares in NHPC. Anyway, at the current price, I have around 10% notional loss on ONGC, and the current price is right above 100rs a share in NSE. Indian Government owns this…

What Are The Risks Of Value Investing In India?

muni bonds

I have mentioned before that I opened my first brokerage account in 2008, right after I got my first full-time job. And I had no idea about value investing or any other sort of investing. The first stock I wanted to buy was DLF, it was around 800 rs and Unitech, which is almost nonexistent…

How To Buy Dividend Stocks In India?

How to survive on dividend income

In the year 2008, I opened my first Demat account and I purchased some stocks. How I selected my stocks? You should never select stocks like how I did. I searched on google which stocks to buy and I stumbled upon one blog. That blog suggested a few stocks. I purchased 10 of each stock….