Is This A Good Time To Invest In REITs?

Invest In REITs

In this post I will jot down why this might not be a good time to invest in REITs. And give you reasons I am buying them anyway. ReITs are real estate investment trusts. These are not exactly shares, these are sold in units. There are 3 listed ReITs in Indian markets. Brookfield ReIT, Mindspace…

My Experience of Getting DSC from E-Mudhra

DSC from E-Mudhra

e-mudhra is an online portal who basically verifies the documents ( ID, address proof etc) and then issues DSC, of course for a fee. There are many more such service providers but for some reason ( I believe it because of their marketing, primarily) e-mudhra is the most popular one. And of course it is not free. You pay a fee, for your DSC and a token to store the DSC.

How To Become a CSM in 4 Days?

How To Become a CSM

Last Thursday I decided to to become a certified scrum master. So, I visited Scrum Alliance website and checked out different Certifications and decided to register for CSM program. I wanted to know How To Become a CSM. I had to take 2 days online training, there were 3 options available for 13th and 14th…

Effect Of Dividend Payout Ratio On Company Financial Statement?

Dividend Payout Ratio

A company pays out dividend from their retained earning. Retained earning comes from cash flow. There are instances when corporations took out debt to pay dividend to continue track record. In recent times, many energy companies did that, because the crude price dropped. If your company does this, sell the stocks. This is definitely a…

How To Invest In Dividend Stocks?

Invest In Dividend Stocks

After March 2020, I changed my investing approach. And to be honest, my returns ( in terms of capital appreciation) has been better. If you read other posts in my blog, you will notice I always talk abut the business being solid. And during pandemic I realized many businesses are vulnerable. They survived well because…