Why Eating Out is a Waste of Money?

Almost everyone in the world wants a glorifying and worldly life. Societies have defined and set some standards of a glorifying life. People modified those definitions and standards according to their needs and lifestyle. Food is a basic human need, and everyone needs it to be alive. It is categorized into two terms, i.e., healthy and unhealthy. To keep our body healthy and fit, one must eat healthy and simple food. Unhealthy food leads to many health issues. And we will discuss in this post why eating out is a waste of money and health.

It is becoming a trend in this technology-driven world to dine out in restaurants or hotels. Many people on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis usually dine out and eat unhealthy food. Eating out is just a treat for some individuals, but some make it part of their routine. The importance of eating healthy and simple food in the Young generation is reducing day by day, and they prefer eating outside rather than homemade food. Eating out unhealthy food is not only affecting their health but also a waste of money.

So, Why Eating Out is a Waste of Money? We occasionally eat out, celebrate, try new dishes, or simply because we are too lazy to cook. But, we need to think that eating out is a waste of money and we often put our health at risk. We do not exactly know what ingredients they use, we do not know how hygienic or unhygienic the kitchen is, and moreover, we pay a huge premium just because we do not want to cook.

Huge portion sizes and fatty food impose a huge risk on our health, we become obese because of most of the dishes we get in restaurants. If you do not believe me, do a simple test, go inside of McDonald’s, KFC, or Dominos and look around, check the people eating at the table, and check their waistline, I bet you will not like what you will see.

Reasons Why Eating Out is a Waste of Money

Eating out in a restaurant or hotel affects the health of individuals and is also a waste of money. Following are some of the reasons why eating out is a waste of money.

  1. Huge Markup Rate on Food and Beverage Items

Many food items are expensive, and a great amount of tax and markup is applied. When dining out, one even has to pay for a water bottle that would be available free at home. Eating out has many disadvantages to eating at home; one is the expenses. For example, the food available for Rs 3000 in restaurants while eating out can be cooked at home for half of its price, and no extra tax will be charged for it. Whereas sometimes extra tax or markup has to be paid while eating out.

Taxes, gratuity, and tips just add up to your expenses without adding any value to your money.

2. Eating Unhealthy Food leads to Illness.

Most of the time, the food available outside is not healthy, especially junk food, which affects our health badly. Extra spice and artificial flavors are used in that food that disturbs one’s stomach or other body organs, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Health is one of the blessings of God, and without it, one’s life can become a disaster. But the people today, especially the young generation, are not taking it seriously, which affects their health and lifestyle badly.

Eating unhealthy food leads to bad health or illness. Due to illness and health issues, one has to visit a doctor or personal consultant to take medicine to be healthy. These two problems are the main focus. As eating out is not just causing health issues but also leads to extra expenses to consult the doctor and following prescriptions.

The food cooked in restaurants or hotels is not cooked according to one’s body demands. For example, eating oily and fried food can be life-threatening for heart attack patients as such foods increase the cholesterol level and the risk of a heart attack. In the food cooked outside in any restaurant or hotel, the amount of salt poured is sometimes a bit extra, which disturbs the blood pressure of the individuals. Similarly, eating junk food such as burgers and pizza with extra cheese also affects one’s health if one starts eating it daily. Nothing is more than one’s health. If he is not healthy, it won’t be easy to work properly and up to his energy.

3. Quality of Food

The quality of food cooked at home is much more than the food cooked out in any restaurant or hotel. Homemade food is made of healthy and fresh ingredients, but there is no guarantee that the food you are eating out is made of fresh ingredients and is healthy. Eating out compromises the quality of food and the individual’s health.

4. Eating Out Leads to Reduced Spending Time with Family

Eating out also affects one’s family time. Eating at home facilitates the individuals to sit together and spend time with each other. In comparison, eating out compromises their family time because not every time an individual goes outside along with his family or friends. Most of the time, he eats outside alone or maybe with a few of the family members or his peers. On the other hand, one can spend more time with his family while eating at home.

5. Culinary Skills

Cooking food at home provides benefits over eating ready-made food outside. The first benefit would be that one can learn cooking. Other ones include spending time with loved ones and cooking for them, hence providing satisfaction to some individuals. Culinary skills are very beneficial as they can help individuals eat homemade fast food, and one does not need to go outside. It not only saves money but also provides healthy food.

6. Wastage of Food 

 Eating out often leads to the wastage of food. When the individuals order food in a restaurant, sometimes they cannot finish the food, and the restaurant’s management wastes that. On the other hand, individuals can eat without wasting much food when eating at home.


Eating out might be mind-relaxing for some individuals, but making it a routine has many disadvantages. It would be a waste of money to eat out regularly. Eating out has many negative effects in comparison to eating at home. The reasons why eating out is a waste of money might include; waste of money as cooking and eating at home is much cost-effective, unhealthy diet and health issues, wastage of food as one has no choice of serving only that quantity of food he needed, bad culinary skills as if the individuals used to eat outside they would become lazy and do not cook at home, bad quality of food out, and reduced spending time with family and friends.

Personally, the worry of impacting my health worries me. When choosing restaurant food, it is always a choice between bad and worse. So, usually, I try to avoid the oily, salty stuff anyways. On top of that, the expensive food does not help either. Saying all that I understand we do not feel like cooking every day and the frozen foods are probably worse than restaurant foods. So eating in moderation or keeping it at minimum is the key.

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